Support your goals, fund your future

In your first year, you’ll encounter new financial responsibilities and opportunities. Many college students balance the need to make a wage while working on a degree. At KU, this balance works best on campus.
Student Orientation Assistants at Hawk Week

Consider work-study

If you filed a FAFSA, you may be eligible for federal work-study. Through work-study, students can earn a wage through federally-subsidized, part-time employment on campus.

Student wearing mask at internship

Ask the experts

University Career Center

The University Career Center specializes in coaching students new to the workforce — then connecting them with employers and positions that lead to promising post-KU careers.

Student Money Management Services

SMMS helps students analyze their budgets, make sound financial decisions, and commit to controlling their financial lives while at KU and into the future.

Jayhawk Career Network

Through mentorship, programming, and an active job board, the Jayhawk Career Network connects current students with future employers and career opportunities.