The perfect first-year experience

As you work toward graduation, your focus narrows and your work deepens. But your first year is broader, full of exploration and discovery. First-year programs teach indispensable skills and connect you to the KU community in unexpected ways.

First-year courses

Shelves of books in library stacks

UNIV 101

In UNIV 101, you and a small group of peers will learn to navigate KU. You’ll build a plan centered on your academic and personal goals, develop important skills, and connect with people and resources here to support you on campus.
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First-year seminars

Each First Year Seminar focuses on a single, exciting topic. Over the semester, you and other students (fewer than 20 in all) explore issues, gather and evaluate evidence, and learn academic skills that you will use throughout your KU career. Seminars satisfy a KU Core requirement, and no prior knowledge or prerequisites are necessary.
KU instructor Meg Kumin speaks with her students

Learning communities

Learning communities encourage you to make deeper connections with other new students and KU. The themed sections of UNIV 101, like sports or creativity, connect you with students and instructors with interests similar to yours.

Other seminar options

If you’re admitted into a professional school or certain academic program, you may be required to attend one or more first-year seminars. Your advisor will work with you to identify the requirements that match your program.