Earning your degree

You’ll earn your degree by fulfilling certain requirements and taking the right classes. Let’s examine the building blocks that make up your KU education.

KU Core

The KU Core offers a broader, multidisciplinary approach to general education requirements. As you move toward a major, and eventually earn your degree, you’ll also establish a broad set of knowledge and skills fulfilled by the KU Core.

By taking classes that satisfy Core goals, you’ll learn subjects that may otherwise exist outside the scope of your major, allowing you to form a solid academic foundation while staying on track to your degree.

See requirements

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Degree requirements

Whichever degree you end up pursuing, it’ll come with its own set of requirements. Degree requirements include fulfilling the KU Core, completing a certain number of credit hours per subject, and maintaining a minimum grade point average throughout your degree path.

Major coursework

Major coursework is any work in courses related directly to your declared field of study. All degree programs require you to complete a minimum number of credit hours in major courses.


Simply put, an elective is an optional course. You may think of electives as diversions from your degree, but they don’t have to be. Instead, electives can define a specialization, strengthen your major, expand your awareness or abilities, or simply help you explore other fields. As a Jayhawk, you aren’t limited to a narrow path or held back from pursuing your interests. Your advisor can help you identify electives ideal for your degree path.