Onboarding options for new transfer students

Once you’ve completed your tech appointment, your KU Navigator will help you schedule an advising appointment and your Onboarding session. Review your available Onboarding modalities below. When you're ready to schedule your date, click "Register" to go to Slate, our registration portal.

Your in-person and virtual options

In person

At this half-day session at the Lawrence campus, you and other new transfer students will attend panels and presentations and learn about campus resources. You’ll also have the option to tour the Hill and participate in community-building events.

Attend remotely via Zoom

For students who can’t attend in person, we’ll host half-day sessions via Zoom. Remote attendees will be able to ask questions and engage in discussions with Onboarding staff and participants. (We encourage — but do not require — remote attendees to have their cameras on.)

Online course

Like our live Onboarding sessions, this online course covers information about your first year and the KU student experience. Unlike live sessions, it will not feature presentations or interactions with other people.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we require all newly admitted transfer students to participate in some form of Onboarding. If you cannot attend in person or via Zoom, please register for the online course outlined above.

When you attend via Zoom, you'll experience the same programming, learn the same information, and engage with the same staff as in-person attendees.

If you choose to complete the online course instead of attend Onboarding, you'll learn the same information about KU and your first year but won't attend a live session or engage with other people. Additionally, the online course is not a scheduled event — you'll complete it on your own time.

Yes. Your KU Navigator will help you register for the Onboarding option of your choice.

We currently do not offer programming or accommodations for attendees other than students.

If you’re already enrolled, you have until the first day of classes to withdraw from courses and receive a full tuition refund. Visit this page for more information on canceling your enrollment.

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